Skirethorns Circular via Cracoe and Linton – Yorkshire Dales

This a new walk to us September 2017, just really a variation on the other walks we do whilst stopping at the Wharfdale Caravan and Motorhome Club Site, but turned out to be a really pleasant walk crossing the peaceful Linton Moor, with the usual two or three pubs along the route, it would’ve been more enjoyable if I hadn’t been breaking in a new pair of Merrell’s walking shoes (not the best experience from a new pair of shoes). The walk starts at the Caravan and Motorhome Club Site, but could easily start from anywhere along the way, the walk:-

Distance 8.27 miles (13.30km) Time Approximately 3 hours (no pub stops)

Elevation Lowest 572.51ft (170.50m) Highest 1013.12ft (308.79m)

Total Ascent 931.43ft (282.89m)

Elevation Over Walk

Paths A mix of field paths, tracks and paths; on the day of the walk the lower field just before Linton was severely water logged leaving us both with drenched feet, so take care if it’s been raining heavily.

Landscape Moorland, rich farmland and rough unmanaged farmland, wide views across the moors and surrounding hills.

Suggested OS Map OL2 Explorer 1:25,000 scale – Map of Yorkshire Dales – Southern & Western Area

Dog Friendliness Many areas it’s suggested dogs are kept on a lead, as many of the fields have sheep in them and lambs at lambing time, however all the pubs mentioned on this walk are dog friendly, like most are in the surrounding area.

Public Toilets There are no public toilets, other than the toilets found in the three pubs that this walk passes

Where we Stayed We stopped for the weekend in our motorhome and stayed at The Caravan and Motorhome Club Site at Wharfedale just outside Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales.

(1) From the Wharfdale Caravan and Motorhome Club Site exit through the gate at bottom of the site and follow the path to Skirethorns Lane and turn right (2)

(2) Proceed down Skirethorns Lane to Grysdale Lane (3) and turn right.

(3) Carry on along Grysdale Lane for about 1/2 mile until you reach Moor Lane (4) and turn right.

(4) Continue up Moor Lane until you reach the gate that leads you onto the moors (5).

(5) Proceed through the gate and take the left hand path towards (6).

(6) Here the path forks again, take the left hand path again towards the wall, if you take the path straight on it ends in the same place so it doesn’t really matter which path you take, but if you take the left hand path just follow the path along the side of the wall until (7) where multiple paths meet, just before (7) there’s a little short cut on the left just as the path starts to move away from the wall and this takes you to the gate you need to go through.

(7) Turn left and walk towards the wall and the gate, pass through the gate and follow the path down the hill to (8) and cross the through the fields to (9).

(9) Bare right here keeping to the path which goes behind the old stone barn at the top of the hill, at this point you can be mistaken and bare left which takes you the same direction but you will be stuck in a field with no gate. Follow the path down hill from the old stone barn to the far corner of the field and the gate (10) onto Swinden Lane.

(10) Go through gate and turn right and follow the lane to (11) and turn left down Swinden Lane.

(11) Follow the Swinden Lane down the hill until (12) and turn right.

(12) Keep to the lane until you reach (13) and turn left.

(13) Carry on along Swinden Lane passing under the railway bridge until you reach the main road (B6265) (14).

(14) Turn left and proceed up the path on the B6265 until The Devonshire Arms (15), which is a good point for some well deserved refreshments (optional), alternatively carry on to (16)

(15) From The Devonshire Arms turn right and carry on up the B6265 until (16).

(16) Turn right off the B6265 and follow the lane until (17) the entrance to The Threaplands House Farm Camping & Caravan Park.

(17) Follow the path through the farm and caravan park and just before the farm house entrance the path takes a sharp right, proceed through gate and turn left following the path down to Crook Beck (18).

(18) Cross Crook Beck and turn right, follow the path to (19) where the path starts move away from the beck. Note the path round this area can become over grown and not very well managed.

(19) From here follow the path through the fields, until you reach a small wooden hut in the corner of the field, pass through gate and follow the lane into Linton (20). During wet weather some of the fields in this area can become severely water logged, like the last time we walked and ended up ankle deep in water at one point.

(20) Walk through the village of Linton to Lauradale Lane passing the Fountaine Inn  on your left or take the opportunity for some liquid refreshments  or a spot of lunch. At Lauradale Lane turn left to (21) just before the bridge over Linton Beck.

(21) Turn left off Lauradale Lane and follow the path until you reach the gate (22).

(22) Proceed through the gate and take the lower right hand path, follow the path under the disused railway line and across the fields to you reach the B6160 (23)

(23) Go through the gate and turn left up the B6160 and turn left after about 150 yards onto Monkholme Lane and proceed to the end of the lane (24) facing the Old Hall Inn, which is a very welcoming pub and well worth a tipple or two.

(24) Depending on whether you call in the Old Hall you will need to turn right from the end of Monkholme Lane and continue you up the B6265 to the end of Skirethorns Lane about 400 yards on your left (25).

(25) Proceed down Skirethorns Lane until you reach the entrance to Wharfdale Caravan and Motorhome Club Site (26).