A Walk over Linton Moor to Cracoe and Linton in the Yorkshire Dales

A Walk over Linton Moor to Cracoe and Linton

Linton Moor

 A Walk over Linton Moor to Cracoe and Linton, during a weekend stay at The Caravan and Motorhome Club Site at Wharfdale. We set off, out of the bottom of the site and head over the moors, the view and feeling of liberation is awesome, only being broken by the noise of children screaming. As we head over the hill the source of the noise becomes apparent hoards of kids shouting and balling, obviously having great fun whilst they carry out part of their Duke of Edinburgh award. As we navigate across the brook, Arb feels the pinch of his new ‘Merrells’ perhaps he should have worn them in first- he decides to hobble on to a near by pub The Devonshire Arms for a beer and to check the damage to his feet. They are covered in blisters. Thankfully we have plenty of compeeds with us ( a saviour to feet,  a must for any walkers first aid kit). After a couple of pints for medicinal purposes and all bandaged up, we head out again and come across the wettest, wildest farmers field I have ever walked on. It has obviously been neglected for months or even years. Not only do the ‘Merrells’ rub Arbs feet they also don’t mind letting his feet get a soak as well!! With squelching feet and tired bodies we eventually approach the ‘Fountain Inn’ at Linton but unfortunately there is only a bench free outside for us to rest. Disappointed, I head for the bar for a G&T  and a bitter, as usual I am welcomed by the smiling barman- NOT!! I head back with the drinks and we sip at our well-deserved beverages but our peace is tainted by two noisy and aggressive dogs who are scarcely being held back by two feeble women. I am bothered that the dogs look keen on my little Doris. We down our drinks and decide to get the hell out of there before something awful  happened. We head for the ‘Old Hall’ for some tea, thankfully there is somewhere to sit indoors and just relax, relieving Arb’s very sore feet. Only a short walk back to ‘Long Ashes’ and we’re in bed shattered!!! Would have been a great walk but for the feet and Fountain. Hopefully it will be better next time. Detail of the walk and route we followed can be found under the “Walks” menu or by following the link at the end of this post. After the episode with the ‘Merrells’ walk shoes, Arb decided to buy another pair of walking shoes as backup, he opted for ‘Five Tens Camp Four Marine’ from Amazon. They have turned out so good and waterproof, they are now his preferred walking shoes.

Skirethorns Circular via Cracoe and Linton – Yorkshire Dales




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