The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse starting to take shape

Well the greenhouse has been erected by myself and Andrew, actually mainly by Andrew. It went surprisingly well, with a few choice words. The automatic vents and louvress were the most difficult to install with the instructions being very vague to say the least. I have just ordered my staging from Amazon (link to Amazon purchase), it was supposed arrive on Prime the day after, however I am not going to get them until Tuesday, what a bummer. I have opted for four cheap and cheerful ‘push fit’ shelving packs. Hopefully they will be OK and fit for the job, but at forty quid it’s not the end of the world, is it?I have already started sowing my seeds, but I failed at the first hurdle. I was advised to plant my chilli plants early, but I cocked up, I sowed them and covered them up, that part was fine, but then I should have replanted them whilst the shoots were small (about 5cm). Now I have read that you need to repot them, sinking the stem deeper into the soil, just below the leaf head, mine have grown to about 20cm. Any way you can learn from my mistakes. Now I am re sowing them and hopefully they will be big enough to fruit before the season is over, chillies are very slow growers.

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment, like I don’t quite know what I need to do first. I feel like the growing season is going to pass me by without me being part of it. I need to get a grip of my emotions and just get on with it.

Finally the staging has arrived in two small boxes, after opening them up all over the kitchen floor, I attempted to put them together. After a couple of mishaps, nothing major, I put the simple (a two year old could erect them) push fit shelving units together. I am quite impressed by the rigidity of them. Once they have plants and pots on them I think they will be perfect. I transferred them eagerly to the green house and site them in their positions. They fit perfectly, well they should have done anyway after all I did measure them out first. The annoying thing it’s bloody freezing and has been snowing on and off for the last few days, with the Beast from the East on its way and Storm Emma following closely behind. 

Snow from the Beast from the East

The weathers put a bit of a downer on my plans to plant my seeds and bulbs. I bought some giant Holly Hocks and Rubekkia (Black Eyed Susan) as root balls, so I am going to pot them up in the green house and once they have established I will plant them in the garden, I am not planting them straight out because the weathers so cold and we’ve had such a wet winter and I am afraid they will just rot, I think I have lost quite a few plants that way over recent years. My intention is to grow them on a bit first so I can site them in their final flowering positions in a couple of months, fingers crossed it works, but I think potting them in the greenhouse can also wait a few days until these freezing conditions have improved and I can feel my fingers.

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