Start of the Gardening Season

My sad looking garden, 18 January 2018

Well it maybe freezing outside, but on the upside it is the very start of the growing season. I head off to the garden centre and the proprietor is already pricing up the bags of seed potatoes in preparation for the season ahead. I get a wave of colour come over me which fills me with excitement at the thought of new life shooting through my garden and raised beds, taking my crops from garden to pan. It has been a long hard winter and not a great summer it has to be said. I am praying for a fantastic summer this year as is, as probably every other gardener in Britain.  

Seeds to be planted

First job of the season is to buy some chilli seeds and compost and to plant my heritage sweet peas. The chilli seeds need to be kept around fifteen degrees to germinate so I sow them and put them in my mini greenhouse, it should take about a fortnight to see any action. 

As for the Sweet Peas, I have planted 5 seeds per 9cm pot and covered them gently with 1cm compost, water with a gentle watering hose. It’s best to use a tall pot as the roots like to grow deep. Some gardeners suggest that you soak the seeds overnight before planting but I’ve never had any problems with germination. Place the pots in the greenhouse or a warm window bottom. It should then take about a week to see the seedlings appear.Wow, I am a very lucky girl Arb’s just ordered me a brand new greenhouse from the Green House People due in about three weeks. I think that he didn’t like the thought of the seed trays sprawled all over the kitchen like last year.
I’m so excited at the thought of what I can produce I’ve gone for a dark green, powder coated 8×6 greenhouse that will sit perfectly on the patio at the top of the garden where there is the most sun. It has automatic air vents in the roof which I am told are a must. You can also buy them at a later date if you’ve not ordered yours.

Picture of the Greenhouse we have ordered

 I’ve decided that I’m going to plant a few more chilli seeds today-now I have somewhere to put them. I’m also in the process of potting up some sweet basil, sweet marjoram, garlic chives, chives and pea shoots-all of which I’ve seeded straight into 9cm pots and I’ll use them in my cooking, straight from the pots.
I’ve just ordered a cherry bush ‘porthos’ which is 100% self-fertile and once established it boasts that it will produce 5kg of fruit in a season and it grows to a maximum of two metres, for ease of picking and netting from, the birds. You can order yours from ‘you garden!

Cherry Bush Porthos from You Gardens

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