First Visit to Wharfdale, Grassington August 2017

Saturday (26/08/2017)

The total serenity of being away is tainted only by the worry of Jack on his weekend of jollies. This is inevitable of course, part and parcel of being a mother. The surroundings at Wharfedale are stunning, in particular the back drop of the campsite at Arb’s side of the motorhome is exquisite, luring us into a mesmerizing state, one where there is no worry of everyday issues and adversaries. This van gives us such a fantastic feeling, so glad we made the purchase. Tomorrow we are taking a left at the river for a change, maybe covering about ten miles but I’ll discuss this tomorrow.

Called into the Fountain Inn for an inbetweeny dinner/tea. The food was very good. I had slow braised lamb shank and Arb had chicken and leek pie, maybe the chicken was slightly overdone but Doris has been well spoilt with the leftovers- a bit of lamb AND chicken, although Arb didn’t chop it up for her little throat and she struggled when a chunk got stuck- after a quick vomit she managed to devour the remainder of her sick, LOVELY!!! Well at least she’s ok. And she’s managed her tea as well. We’ve nick named her Pinhead as her body expands but her head remains the same. That’ll change after a week of massive walks after all she’ll probably double our steps.

A busy Fountaine Inn at Linton

Called in to the Old Hall on our way back to the site for a well-deserved “Brockmans and Fevertree” (it would be rude not to) as usual there were some pig ignorant individual who couldn’t manage any manners, simple as it is to say ‘thankyou’ never mind as usual I made it known that I was disgruntled at the woman’s behaviour!!!

The Old Hall Inn

Sat here writing my blog, just whipped together some eggs and tomatoes, truly Slimming World- well apart from a tiny squeeze of mayonnaise, couldn’t face a big meal after our pile at the Fountain Inn but still a bit peckish. Just hit the spot, along with a large glass of red. I’m feeling a bit tired, having to watch a @wonderful Sci Fi film, so probably going to read a book or something, anything to avoid watching this bloody film!!

Sunday (27/08/2017)

Good, hearty slimming world breakfast, heck sausage, eggs and tomatoes on toast. Unfortunately, the sun isn’t shining but at least it’s fine. The feeling of contentment is echoed when I spot a dumb pheasant walking aimlessly past the van. What a lovely start to the day. As usual Arb complains that he has done all the chores, failing to remember the endless list I do on a daily basis. Perhaps he thinks we have resident fairies who magically create the beautiful garden overnight. We set off on our walk to Grassington via Grass Wood, taking a left at the river instead of our usual right. What a beautiful river view, so diverse from one stretch of the river to another and to top it all the sun has come out for us as usual.

View of the River Wharf, left at the bridge

The terrain starts to climb and by the time we reach the top I am knackered, just in need of a piece of my mums delicious or it would have been if Arb had thought to remember it!! I have to think of everything LOL

Open fields coming into Grassington









Tuesday (29/08/2017)

Bloody hell, its half past nine, almost unheard of in our campervan, much to Andrew’s disgust. I like to make the most of my days especially when I’m off work. Yesterday we went up through Grassington to take the top road walk which we’ve done countless times before!! Once the massive hill start is over it is very pleasurable. However, it did wear us out, hence the late hour of awakening!! Had a very late lunch in the Old Hall Inn  in  Threshfield about 3 O’clock at least that covers tea as well. Hence, a bonus to my slimming world weigh in on Monday night. Although the G&T’s were also going down very nicely mainly because they had my favourite tipple- Brockmans’ YIPPEEE

Even Doris must have had enough as she never even pestered me during the night for a wee, Bonus!



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