First Time Langcliffe Park, Settle

First outing of the season, Hoorah!! Grassington is our usual haunt for the start of the season, but it’s closed until mid-summer. For a change we thought we’d try Settle, still only an hour from home, though.

View of Langcliffe Park from across the mill pond

The pitch was level — fantastic, set-up in record time! Andrew, god love him had already mapped some walking routes, which we might try out. So were off on yet another adventure , of course always ending up at the pub – Well it would be rude not too!!!

Day 2

Every time we manage to overdo things on the first day, ended walking up a terrifically steep incline to the top of the world well today’s world anyway! We could tell that we’d neglected our training, my hip felt like that of an aged bint, Andrew the same but some other orifice was paining him. We need to get sorted, otherwise we are destined to a life in the pub!! Sounds great but not the best for my slimming world’s walk of shame weigh in on a Monday evening, which often feels like a weekly job interview, butterflies and all.

Stainforth Force

Great walk through Stainforth passing the Stainforth Force, a childhood haunt of mine and then ended up having a very acceptable warm chicken and chorizo salad, in front of a wonderfully inviting log fire in The Craven Heifer, staff very welcoming and the beer wasn’t bad, would definitely go back there again.

The Craven Heifer
The Lion’s Den


Walked on towards Settle for a browse around the quaint and diverse range of shops, staff are friendly much more amenable than our beloved Grassington, we actually felt as welcome as the locals, after a few jars in The Lion’s den a snug that’s part of The Lion Hotel with a warm glow we headed back to our Van.


Feeling slightly worse for wear, I recollect the past days escapades, namely both our tumbles, I slipped under-foot and due to wearing my water proof pants, I found myself sliding six foot and rolling around hilariously!! Andrew apprehensive to severity of my injuries, thankfully non-existent.

Managed to sink a few white wine spritzers and pints of Wainwrights before taking the road back to Langcliffe Campsite, we’d only managed about twenty yards when Andrew, took a bad step, nothing to do with the six pints he’d necked earlier and ended up careering to the ground like a large bag of spuds.

I laughed profusely but eagerly awaited his resurrection from the cobbles, he arose with a mangled pair of spectacles, laughing lik

The Lion

e a child, thankfully with nothing more than his pride – well actually not even that – alcohol works that wonder pill. It was the morning after when the aches and pains reared their ugly head. Andrew had a few bruises and added pain from his already aching back.


I was stiff all over with a sore and bruised left buttock.

Day 3

Up early again eager to try another route, Andrew perhaps not so keen, but if we eat out and want a drink we must walk, otherwise I won’t get through check-in on Monday night at the fat club. Only managed 4 ½ miles though today.

Thank goodness Andrew insisted that we booked a third night – it’s become a well-deserved rest after the last few hectic weeks. It feels like a lifetime since last season, I feel excited at the prospect of a whole new season trying out all different and new sites and regions to explore, perhaps it’s a god send that Longashes at Grassington is shut for a while – it’s good to vary, there’s such a lot of places to explore – loving Settle!!


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