Welcome to my blog. I initially wanted to focus on multiple blogs covering one aspect of my life each but I have had a change of heart and thought that it would be much better and far more interesting account if I mixed it all up. Well for now anyway.

I am a keen cook, gardener, crafter and sewer, I also have a love of the great outdoors and walking with Andrew (Arb and my Jack Russell ‘Doris’ I hope that you will follow me in my journey- Where I intend to forage, save money through ‘cook offs’ ( I will explain soon) make my own clothes and maybe even do some pottery. I hope my blog inspires you to spend some of your valuable time taking your mind to another place- a place clear of work and stress ( if you struggle like I do, you’ll be surprised how much it helps)

Doris enjoying the Sun

No matter what job I have ever had, I have always found a natural way to make it stressful. My role as a college tutor and assessor is easily the most stressful I have ever had though. A few years ago now, Andrew, my partner had a bout of illness, which really scared us and temporarily put lives into prospective. In a moment of madness we went to the Caravan and Camping show in Manchester and from that moment our lives changed forever. It was the best move we ever made……..well in one respect anyhow!!! (You’ll one day understand, I’m certain)

We had been dreaming of escaping and exploring the country in our very own love bug for the past few years but kept thinking up reasons of why we couldn’t afford to DO IT!! Two years ago Andrew started with a bad cough which lead to lots of doctors visits and tests. Thankfully he was eventually diagnosed with a manageable condition called silent reflux. Since then, there’s been no stopping us, taking every opportunity to get away from the ‘rat race.’

New Van April 2015